Bikram`s Yoga College of India - North Vancouver


Our studio offers Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class, which is a twenty-six asana series designed to scientifically warm and stretch muscles, ligaments and tendons, in the order in which they should be stretched.

Bikram Yoga’s twenty-six posture exercises systematically move fresh, oxygenated blood to one hundered percent of your body, to each organ and fiber, restoring all systems to healthy working order, just as Nature intended. Proper weight, muscle tone, vibrant good health, and  a sense of well-bing will automatically follow.



There are unlimited benefits to Bikram yoga, from exuberant health and mental clarity to lasting joy.
Yoga is a means of manifesting your highest potential: physical, mental, and spiritual.
With regular practice of Bikram yoga (at least three times a week), you can expect the following changes

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Yogiraj Bikram Choudhury is the founder of the worldwide Yoga college of India. Born in Calcutta in 1946. Bikram began Yoga at the age of four with India’s moat-renowned physical culturist at that time, Bishnu Ghosh, the younger brother of Paramahansa Yogananda (Author of the most popular book on Yoga, The Authobiography of a Yogi, and founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles.)

Bikram practiced Yoga at least four to six hours everyday at Ghosh’s College of Physical Education in Calcutta. At the age of thirteen, he won the National India Yoga Championship.
He was undefeated for the following three years and retired as the undisputed All-India National Yoga Champion.

At seventeen, an injury to his knee during a weight-lifting accident brought the prediction from leading European doctors that he would never walk again. Not accepting their pronouncement, he had himself carried back to Bishnu Ghosh’s school, for he knew that if anyone could help to heal his knee, it was his teacher. Six months later, his knee had totally recovered.
Ghosh was a celebrated physical culturist and the first to scientifically document Yoga’s ability to cure chronic physical ailments and heal the body.

Bikram was asked by Ghosh to start several Yoga schools in India. The schools were so succesful that at Bishnu’s request Bikram traveled to Japan and opened two more. He has since brought his curative methods of Yoga therapy around the world.